About Global Partnerships

From everywhere to everywhere‘, the title of Bishop Nazir Ali’s very useful  book, sums up what the St. Mic’s Global Partnerships Group is about.

Global partnership in mission is the calling of the whole church to proclaim the whole gospel throughout the whole world. The Global Partnerships Group fosters this understanding of the church’s task within our parish and beyond. It does this by…

  • Praying for our mission partners serving Christ throughout the world (especially at the GPG’s prayer meeting on the second Thursday evening of every month)
  • Organising visits by mission partners from abroad, seminars, bible studies and a yearly Global Partnerships Month to both educate parishioners about the global task of our church and encourage their active support of this work.
  • Raising money (social events, auctions, personal giving etc.), for the direct support of individual global mission partners, the wider work of the Anglican Mission Board and the Church Missionary Society.
  • Identifying potential mission partners from within our own congregations and encouraging them to consider God’s call on their lives.