Rosie Fyfe

Equipping for long term service in the horn of Africa.

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Rosie is presently studying at Trinity School for Ministry toward a post graduate degree in missiology. Until 2015 she lived in Cairo, working alongside Egyptian colleagues as Development Officer for the Diocese of Egypt with North Africa and the Horn of Africa. Her task was to identify projects throughout the Diocese that need assistance and seek partners who will help fund these. Rosie also offered assistance to the Bishop and fulfils a variety other roles.

With an Honours in history and a background in statistics, Rosie brings energy and focus to all she does. She is passionate about serving the poor and strengthening the church’s witness throughout the region.

Rosie is well loved within St. Mic’s having been an active member of the Global Partnerships Group and a regular worshipper for some years. She is supported through prayer and giving by members of the parish. Several times a year we SKYPE Rosie during our morning services. Keep an eye on our facebook page for notice of these.